Compliant and Secure Hard Drive DEstruction Service

protecting our client’s Customers data

A data breach is never what a business wants to hear. Portis, Inc. focus is on assisting businesses to prevent a data breach related to hard drives by providing compliant and secure hard drive destruction services.

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In June 2020, in the mist of the COVID-19 pandemic, Portis, Inc. opened it doors for business in the state of Tennessee. We are a family owned corporation whose Head Quarters is located north of Nashville in Madison. The staff’s background has over 30 years of combined experience in business management, collections, corporate travel, customer service, hard drive destruction, IT, recycling, and transportation.

The experience acquired throughout the years focused on proving a valuable service to the Client. Now those years of prior business experiences is used to offer our Clients Compliant and Secure Hard Drive Destruction and ITAD Recycling services in Nashville and is expanding to include Georgia and Kentucky.

Professional Services

Portis, Inc.’s focus is to keep its Clients customer’s data safe from misuse by properly destroying hard drives when they are decommissioned. All personal identifiable (PI) on a hard drive is eliminated.

Our Certified Secure Destruction Specialist uses a HIPAA compliant degausser on all hard drives prior to physical destruction with a NSA approved destroyer. Each step is recorded to produce a Certificate of Destruction that details the equipment used along with the hard drive picture, serial numbers, and time of destruction. Afterward the destroyed hard drives are recycled with a R2 Certified Recycler.

ITAD Recycling services are included with our Compliant and Secure Hard Drive Destruction service.

going forward

We will continue to offer services that are beneficial for our Clients.