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COVID-19 Business Relief - Bright Idea

covid-19 business relief

“These COVID-19 times are challenging for everyone. We have no intention of complicating matters even more.” – Tyrone Witherspoon, Portis, Inc CEO 


The past few months haven taken its toll on many businesses. We realize that during this COVID-19 period businesses are doing all they can to move forward :


  • keeping doors open
  • employees paid
  • everyone safe
  • staying compliant with their specific governmental regulations such as HIPAA

The business climate changed quickly due to COVID-19. Businesses are now requiring social distancing, mask work by employees and customers, temperature checks to enter some establishments, and so on. While the business climate changed, the governmental regulations of HIPAA have not. When you take a look at our News Worthy Around The World page you will notice just a few examples of HIPAA’s recent actions taken because data security rules were not followed.


Our focus is hard drive data destruction. How a business decides to handle personal identifiable (PI), electronic personal health information (e-PHI), or similar should not be taken lightly. To reduce the necessary expense of properly destroying hard drives, Portis, Inc is currently offering a COVID-19 Business Relief name your price option to businesses within a 30 mile radius of Nashville, TN. Yes, a name your price option! In other words, businesses are given a name your price option for the COVID-19 Business Relief: 



Customers may request a 20% discount for a one time service or a 30% discount for a annual service contract. With the annual service contract the 1st recycling service is free.

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