To encourage businesses in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas to protect customer confidential information when recycling IT equipment we are offering a

Data Destruction Initiative for $199.00.

(Discounted 75% – Regular $799.00)


How would you respond IF a merchant informed you that your credit / debit card information had been compromised due to a data breach when you made an everyday purchase such as

  • food (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
  • gas
  • groceries


Would you have one of the expressions that is in these pictures?

What other thoughts might come to your mind?


Matters of concern

Are you the


  • Business Owner


  • Corporate Partner


  • IT Director


  • Responsible Person

required to protected your customers’ personal information?


What value do you place on the destruction of confidential information when recycling


  • computers


  • laptops


  • servers


  • laser printers


  • and similar? 


Data Destruction Initiative includes 


  • Up to 10 hard drives completely destroyed and not DoD Wiped or sanitized


  • Certificate of Erasure & Destruction; where appropriate we provide a picture, time of destruction, and serial number of each destroyed hard drive for audit purposes


  • IT equipment recycling also includes LCD monitors (there is charge for any CRT monitor)


  • Pickup fee waived


  • Customers are asked to sign a Confidential Data Destruction Agreement


  •  A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement is available upon request

Better Business

This will not happen to your business

The U.S. Treasury Department has issued a major fine to Morgan Stanley for improper management of drives. Executives in the electronics recovery sector say the case reaffirms the warnings they have been giving to corporate partners for years. 

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For example, a few months ago while researching how often sensitive data remains on pre-owned technology, Blancco purchased 159 drives from professional sellers using eBay in the U.S., UK, Germany and Finland. All of the drives were “guaranteed” by the sellers to be clean from data. That wasn’t the case, however: Almost half (42%) still contained data, with 15% of the information being PII and/or corporate data. Forslund said in that study they found:

  • A drive from a software developer with a high level of government security clearance, with scanned images of family passports and birth certificates, CVs and financial records.

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